On the Board

On the Board

Converge - not converge, divorce - not to divorce, to buy - do not buy ... and, in general, to live, or have had enough? You do not know what to do - advise people not bad advice. I advise - and ... wanted to do better, but it turned out as always. So why go? Indeed, for what we go and what we expect from the Council?

In need of advice, when in doubt. Co-views - a few opinions, between which he can not choose. White cock cut or black? And tell yourself that to cut any of them do not want to, for some reason does not leave. have left - would have found a solution itself would have done without tips.

One of the ironies is that not looking for any, even the smart-pereumnogo, advice and support in the opinion, which is already there, but make themselves known and otlitsya effect can not be solved. We know what we want, but for some reason do not allow ourselves to know what we know. Tips "past" are not accepted, giving them look bad adviser. You go look for other - well, who "understand" you get into resonance with what you know, not knowing.

Pitfall - a deceptive ease arrows responsibility transfer to a counselor, which is actually responsible for the results did not. The point is not only what to advise, but also in how you follow the advice. "Command!" But if, instead of driving on a hat with a single blow of the nail in the head of the order setting out its content in a low voice, in a dozen sentences, the order is not obtained. Similarly, as an approach marched to the "object" that advised gently hugging, will not lead to success. In other words, we are looking for the board "per se" and not "in the mind". One gets the advice certainly conclude a marriage contract - and concludes other tips: "No way!", And before you know it - and the contract is signed. Behind such differences usually costs insight of what do you really want to. So, perhaps, ask yourself this question and try to answer it specifically, but not in the clouds beautiful but vague words?

And let us pass from the fate of the meeting with counselors, volunteers, not waiting until they ask advice, and actively coming to the rescue. They know everything, you do not necessarily know anything. "I'm sad" - you might say, and in response to endure from the "Control yourself" (who would have told me how to do it and keep the place) knows what to God. They know best how to do the dishes, and can, as a historian, an experienced engineer to advise how to deal with the pros and cons. They may be glad to help, but their help will bulge affirmation, pleasure in the role of a strong, teacher, parent.

Even Consultant psychologist difficult it can be to get rid of the influence of their own life experiences to the recommendations. "Ordinary" people - even more so. When the "flown" the girl is afraid to tell about it at home and opens the teacher that she hears? Remember their patients ... dreams of children childless teacher advised necessarily with the pregnancy because children - this is happiness. Another weary pair of restless children, said that in any case. The third, which turned out to teachers without a shadow of calling to this, cheerfully doldonit common phrase, without delving into the situation of girls. The fourth ... fifth ... For tips to marry or divorce can not stand very conscious desire to convince himself of the correctness of his position or unconscious "let too will suffer." Mind and a good attitude to you is not always able to control such things, if the object of your question is associated with something, especially with its significant, his aching. And here it is - a good advice from the right person. And force - over the edge. But between "get advice" and "take advantage of it," there is a certain gap to make a decision. Council authorized me to do, but whether to do - decide myself. And the responsibility for what is going to do, carry himself. This is something that is changing me and poses the question whether to follow the advice. The answer to it completes the process of "advice" because I did not go to get advice and to consult it - with the help of another to advise itself.