Teenager smokes a hookah

Hookah - it is dangerous? As dangerous as cigarettes? And whether hookah smoking causes addiction? A few facts and expert commentary, which can be useful to parents who are worried about a new habit of their younger children.

Teenager smokes a hookah Teenager smokes a hookah

This ritual is increasingly attracting teenagers: in the relaxing atmosphere of the bar or cafe hookah mouthpiece is passed from hand to hand like an Indian peace pipe. But there are facts of which they and their parents should be aware of.

In 16 years, 53% of teens have tried hookah, in the 18 years he had smoked at least once in 70% of boys and girls, and 4% of them do it on a regular basis *. "Unlike cigarettes, the image of which today is rather negative, hookah for a teenager - a status attribute, a symbol of successful, adult, - says Yuri Frolov age psychologist. - And the desire to receive this new experience is so great that young people are not ready to delve into, it is dangerous or not. "

Parents, on the contrary, hookah scary - they confuse this mixture of tobacco and molasses with marijuana. But it really is not safe: smoke contains nicotine, carbon monoxide and heavy metals. "Manufacturers support the image of hookah smoking as a refined art, absorbed the traditions and philosophy of the East, - says psychiatrist-narcologist Olga Speranskaya. - Ritual of smoke inhalation by a "water pipe" really relaxing, sets up a friendly conversation. Also tobacco blends pleasant flavored additives, their composition but genuine manufacturers do not indicate. A spot checks often reveal the presence in them of psychoactive substances that violate the central nervous system. And by the way, tobacco addiction "is formed quickly among fans of a hookah. What can parents, noticing the interest a son or daughter to the meetings in the hookah? "Deny 15-17-year-old man nothing is impossible, - says Yuri Frolov, - any pressure will produce the opposite effect. Try not to lose contact with the child, listen to him and agreed. Ask the person authoritative for him (his brother, teacher, coach) to talk about the dangers of hookah ". Here are the facts that could be arguments **.

  • The nicotine content in tobacco and cigarette tobacco hookah almost identical.
  • Hookah "filtered" smoke cigarette smoke significantly exceeds the content of toxic substances that cause irreversible changes in the liver, kidney, nerve cells.
  • The mouthpiece passes from mouth to mouth, and then there is the risk of infection through the saliva of tuberculosis, hepatitis and herpes.

Remind your teen about his responsibility to the non-smoking friends and that he could better manage their freedom, which implies the ability to resist - as a habit is addictive and manipulation of tobacco manufacturers. * According to the World Health Organization, who.int/ru

** "Drug and Alcohol Dependence", 2004, vol. 76; Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2005, vol. 43; Thomson Reuters Foundation, trust.org.


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