What can I say!

There are times when talking is pointless: we still do not hear. We talk about the 6 types of "toxic interlocutors", so you do not continue to waste time.

What can I say! What can I say!

Should I talk to if we do not want to hear? Bernard Ferrari (Bernard Ferrari), a business consultant and author of the bestselling "Listening" * describes six categories of "toxic" interlocutors.

1. Stubborn. Listens only to see if the opinions of others coincide with what he considers truth.

2. Grumpy. I am sure that the thoughts of others - just nonsense.

3. prompter. It behaves as if the dialogue is already written, and seeks to seize the initiative to steer the conversation in the right direction to him. 4. doldonit. Endlessly repeating the same thing, to bring the discussion to the point of absurdity, and then roll it under the pretext.

5. Smarty. Ready to go to offer solution to the problem, usually even before you set out its essence.

6. The Pretender. It depicts attention, when in fact it is not interested in what he wants to say. Most likely, the decision it has already taken and listens only to the species.

* B. Ferrari "Listening" (Mann, Ivanov and Ferber 2013).