Score in Russian: football suffering

Score in Russian: football suffering

The 2006 World Cup final Zinedine Zidane, the captain of the French team, world football legend, was dismissed for being butted in the chest with his rival, Italian Marco Materazzi. This story is remembered even those who are not interested in football ever: pictures with Materazzi and Zidane took a long walk on the Internet, about the incident were writing jokes and serious cultural studies, even a monument to this event put ... And, in general, is correct - the episode was in a sense, a milestone in the development of football.

It's not that Zidane hit (he later explained that he could not otherwise respond to an insult). And not in the fact that in many ways due to its removal French finals lost. The fact that Zidane was soon publicly apologized, admitting that he had made an inappropriate act, and gave an example of bad behavior. Just at this moment a zealous "male spirit" in the main men's sports and count the beginning of a new era of football - and devoid of glamor ... as if mildly ... the primary signs of masculinity.

On the field, you who littered ...

To go into the reasons men love football does not make sense. Related dedicated volume and themselves a great number of reasons - the opportunity to give a relatively peaceful way of aggression to the overwhelming desire to Knock foot on what is bad. But one of the reasons, of course, has always been a violent collision of characters, the gladiatorstva element that seems to be necessary in any man show with the exception of a striptease.

And football smoothly to provide players and spectators of gladiatorial influx of emotions. This was taken care of his ancestors by the British. Welsh striker 1950-60s Phil Woosnam is credited with saying: "Football rules are very simple: if you see something moving - PIN. And if something does not move - kick, until it starts to move. " English football is lived by these rules most of the twentieth century. bones crunch was read by British stadiums almost as regularly as shouts of "Goal!", and the lack of skill compensated thirst for victory, when really it does not matter that kick, and if you can not get the ball, so at least for someone else a leg can always be move. With more or less qualified, this approach has taken over the whole of Europe. Fans were not only not against, but in the entire sought to comply with their idols. Terrible fights in stadiums and the approaches to it in 1960-70-were seen as part and parcel of football. It is not good, of course, but what can you do - a man's game.

Especially distinguished again by the British. The unfortunate result was the final of the European Cup in 1985. The stadium in Brussels, played Italian "Juventus" and the English "Liverpool". But even before the start of the match crowd of English fans broke the fence that separated them from the Italian fans. In a fight, and a stampede killed 39 people. Football officials have realized that it can not continue, and "Liverpool" for 10 years barred from international tournaments. In March 2009, I was in Liverpool in the Champions League. The hosts took Madrid "Real" and won 4: 0, and that in itself was a shock. But an even bigger shock I experienced after the game to see how the crowd drunken fans of "Liverpool" surrounded the little group of fans of the "Real". Heartbroken Spaniards clapped on the shoulder, encouraging coarse but good-natured jokes and were treated to beer. Soccer really changed.

The hunting season is closed

If a rude or offend wrong in principle, how it could be well on the field or in the stands of football?

Here are just a hardly to these changes have led efforts to football officials and police at the stadiums. Although their efforts are discounted, of course, impossible. European football authorities have published a great number of directives aimed at combating violence in and around the game. And in the same England today work with the fans set so that almost any offender can be found within a few hours.

But also the eagerness of the authorities was the result of a global phenomenon. Since the mid-1990s, the West began a triumphal procession of tolerance, political correctness, and other values ​​that were built today in the US and Europe in the absolute. And if to be rude or offend someone wrong in principle, how can it be good on the pitch or in the stands? For example, for the racist abuse in football astronomical fines rely today. And in the near future of the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and threatens to completely withdraw from the competition clubs whose fans greet black players simian hooting or demonstrate they brought with them bananas.

This triumph of tolerance is important, if only because that football age - 20-30 years. And that means that many of today's players grew up on the idea of ​​universal love, kindness and acceptance since childhood. And their backups - the current 17-year - and did these ideas have absorbed with mother's milk. The same goes for the fans - the public, for the most part, quite young.

But the second reason - of course, money. The big football they always were carried out, but deep river flowed again around the mid 90s. When the great striker 80s Diego Maradona went on the field, the opposing defense more often and did not try to take away from him the ball - it was almost impossible. But it was possible to hit him on the legs so that it no longer accurately scored nothing. Maradona just for hunting, and fractures, severe contusions, torn ligaments and stretching accompanied his entire career.

hunting is forbidden in today's stars. And if any Bonecrusher will damage the player's level of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, it will continue this. The football authorities will discharge 5-10 games on Bonecrusher from football and his club fined a hefty sum for cruelty on the field. administration of the club, in turn, firmly penalize the most barbarian and long will humbly apologize to the sponsors for that spoils their image bloodthirstiness of its players.

Why? Because Messi and Ronaldo receive wages comparable to the budgets of small states. And for the money do not have to wallow in plaster in a hospital bed, and go on the field as often as possible. Stimulating sales of tickets and merchandise, raising the cost of TV coverage and attracting the attention of sponsors. Football has become a huge business, and excessive brutality he does not need as economically unjustified. Of course, injuries happen and now, they are not perfect. And the brawl between players is also there. But to compare them with raging passions valiant 30-40 years ago did not have to.

Score in Russian: football suffering

The unconditional surrender of

The result became the football, which is today Europe. After stiff joints players very often fall on the lawn and writhe so that an inexperienced viewer is convinced that the doctor will not help, you need to call the priest. But after a couple of minutes the players as if nothing had happened back in the game. The purpose of their suffering - to obtain from the judge a more severe punishment for the player to a foreign team to knock the opponent's attacking impulse or just take a break and pull time. The soldiers of days gone by used to see out the match on a broken leg, and along with their loyal fans, in principle, refuse to recognize such a spectacle of football.

And out of the image of football has changed dramatically. Rowdy revelers and bullies like Paul Gascoigne, Eric Cantona or the same Maradona - football legends of the past years - are dying out faster than the dinosaurs. And are replaced by secular lions and exemplary husbands. David Beckham, who graduated this year his long career, the second half it was famous not so much as a player but as a spouse of former soloist Spice Girls, a frequenter of fashion shows and a symbol metroseksualizma. Mysterious phenomenon, the essence of which is reduced, it seems to that man looks like and formless gay, but no, after all, is not gay.

Banner of glamor picked up from his tired hand nabriolinennymi handsome Cristiano Ronaldo. A brilliant footballer and part-time - the star of shampoo advertising campaigns against dandruff and underwear by Armani. (The latter, by the way, made him an icon in the gay community, and Ronaldo, they say, is now forced to hard at all, you need to prove its traditional orientation.) Rules of big business tougher football and the players have to take them. A business opened enormous potential of football and football star and now constantly turns the game into a family show, to maximize audience reach (ie potential customers). Well, what really nothing to riot, when women and children around, and advertising contracts bring more money than football earnings?

And who knows what would have apologized to Zidane for his head-butting, if not for one circumstance. Yes, he led the team in the final match, I forgot about the duties of captain, and so on. But apart from all these considerations have Zidane there was also a huge contract with the mineral water producer. And in commercials Zidane was walking on the background of idyllic landscapes with a blissful air of a man who would not hurt a fly. And then a fight in the final game ...

Many believed Zidane's last macho among the great players. And his apology was an act of unconditional surrender of the former football in the face of new circumstances.

"did everything right"

Of course, there are still rugby and American football. It remains to hockey, where players fight - an integral part of the spectacle, and the fighting without rules, so loved by our national leader. But if we talk about football, the last hope of the true macho - just in Russia. Because we are here, and went their own way. A lot of money in our football has arrived, and the ideas of tolerance and humanism zaplutali somewhere down the road.

In the penultimate match of the championship ended in May, Russian footballer of the Moscow "Dynamo" Alexander Kokorin with fists attacked the player Vladikavkaz "Alania" Giorgi Chanturia. He had supposedly said something unpleasant about Kokorin mother. Dinamo suspended for seven games. But here that said, commenting on the event, the president of the club "Dynamo" Gennady Solovyov: "I support Kokorin, in such a situation only in the face should be hit. Yes, I like it (Chanturia -.. Ed.) All killed on the spot. " I repeat, it is said, not frantic young fan, and the president of the football club. State Duma adopts law on the fans because of fan violence in the media has passed all bounds. Fans tear matches, throwing firecrackers in the players chant is that the women and children and must not be approached close to the stadium, and quite ready to kill each other than from time to time and do. In this case, fans of the St. Petersburg "Zenith", for example, also published a declaration in which - referring to the cultural traditions of the North of the capital! - explain that blacks did not have to play football in their club.

Or here's another amazing story. In April of this year after playing youth football team in Grozny, "Terek" and Permian "Amkar" incredible happened. One of the Permian football players right on the beat ... the referee of the match, Musa Kadyrov (no relation to the president of Chechnya). He then explained everything so that during the meeting a footballer again, something bad is said about the referee's mother. The Russian Football Union has considered egregious and lifetime ban from refereeing Kadyrov. After that, by order of President Kadyrov already grief-judge has been employed at some boxing club where he may belong. And Ramzan Kadyrov (the president) said that the judge can, and has broken the law, but "did everything right".

In general, at least one of the Russian men can be calm - domestic football has always ready to support their manhood. Or, at least, their ideas about it.

Score in Russian: football suffering

"Football fever" Nick Hornby

The author's thoughts about himself and his life, whimsical pattern woven with 25 years of love for the London football club "Arsenal". Love, in this case - not an exaggeration: "I fell in love with football, how then fell in love with women: suddenly, irrevocably, inexplicably, despite the pain and destruction that carried this feeling." Oddly enough, a particularly interesting and even useful "Football fever" can be for women. That is, for those who really want to understand the soul of football lovers in men. (Amphora, 2006).