Art therapy and art therapy

Art therapy and art therapy

Almost all of us, the residents of large cities suffer from isolation - from each other and from themselves, from their emotions, body, creativity. arts therapy helps to re-establish contact with them, amplifies and activates the process of searching for a man of his natural way of understanding themselves and solve their problems.

The natural ability of

Art therapy works with the innate ability to be creative and play. When we were young, we spent time playing with stories, songs, colors, using our hands, our body, our voice. It was natural. As we age, most of us lose, forget the way to relieve tension and contact with his creative 'I'. But we can remember it and wake up again a child's ability to play. Adult creative play - a way to relaxation and self-expression and at the same depth, but a fun way to solve their problems. We are not painful "dig in itself", and play, laugh a lot, create, reviving themselves and each other, filling and expressing the life of color, lines, sounds and movement.

Changing the way through

Art therapy and art therapy uses images of language, gestures, movements. You can talk about your life or relationships words - and you can draw a picture of your life and relationships, and it reflects our contradictions, doubts, resources, hidden pain. Those feelings were unconscious within us, motionless, are expressed in the figure - and become visible and alive. We have a desire to change something in this picture - the color or the line, and sometimes draw something new. And thus, changing the pattern, at the same time we change our lives. Many people have a fear to do, the fear of doing something wrong: but if the others will condemn? Inside the voices of domestic critics, long-standing grievances and complexes. The atmosphere of art therapy group is very accepting, you do not need to be an artist or a poet to participate in these sessions. You can just hear yourself and do, it is not learning painting - a painting, born of our lives, they are usually very sincere and speak, because even a single line may be the whole story. And what pleasure you can get just by playing and mixing colors or watching pastel leaves a mark on the paper!

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Art therapy and art therapy

Barbara V. Sidorov - Head of the Center for the Arts therapy "ArtDOm", a practicing psychologist, art therapist, Ph.D.

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group art therapy starts March 1.

"On March 1, at the Old Arbat Street on Saturdays from 17.00 to 19.00 and from 19.00 to 21.00 will be held series of art therapy sessions (10 meetings).

We will draw open and closed eyes, right and left hand, gouache and pastel, sculpt in clay, to use poetry writing fairy tales, dance and movement, working with natural materials, collage and photography.

Creativity - is a tool of self-healing. Introducing creativity in our lives, we transform it into art, we become freer and bolder.

During the group's work in more detail, we will touch topics:

• The image of the "I" - a symbolic self-portrait and a portrait of how I see myself as I see around, how would you like to see yourself.

• "Relationships" - a choice between isolation and presence. Metaphors of our communication strategies from the surface to deeper levels.

• "Creativity" - childhood resources that prevents us from using them.

• "The archetypal affects' - study of fear and courage.

• "Male and Female" - what kind of behavior and character traits in themselves and others, we feel male or female; How to communicate with members of their own and the other sex. This group is interesting for those who:

- tired of life in the city and from the lack of creativity;

- fatigue, depression, irritability;

- going through a life crisis;

- he wants to reconnect with his creative "I";

- wants to move forward in the process of self-development;

- he wants to deal with their relationship;

- wants to meet first hand with a soft and deep influence of arts therapies

To sign up for group or individual counseling, please call: +7 (916) 976 7273 or write to the address [email protected]

Sidorova Varvara

Review member of the group art therapy

"I was at your art-therapy group in 2009. Participation in this group had on me unexpectedly large impact, then many times I returned to what it was in the group, and ksvoim drawings. Every time I was convinced that all my discoveries prosebya were true, and sometimes there are also new. Periodically menyavoznikalo desire to once again take part in something like that, but as long as mneb quite some rethinking of the work already done. Ktomu I thought to repeat already covered is not so interesting, and most importantly - not so effective, and perhaps the second time I zhdetrazocharovanie. Nevertheless, I periodically review the information nawashi site and in the whole of art therapy - it seemed to me that the appropriate option etoudivitelno psychotherapy is for me. Recently I yauvidela that in March you start another such group. And yahotela would again participate in it. Maybe I'm too serious attitude to this, but your group - etodeystvitelno was very cool, and it gave impetus to the moeyzhizni change. Thank you very much!"