Skin and razor

Skin and razor

Each time the moving train "Leo Tolstoy" the border between Russia and Finland, worried the secret shock. Just outside was a waste strip in the vicinity of Vyborg and suddenly, in a moment after the border, the landscape as if awakened from fainting: emerald green color of grass, spruce forest with red pine cones, snow-white slopes stones, visible even scarlet strawberry drops in the grass along the railway - and a visual paradise every two hours of driving to Helsinki

But to return to Moscow.

Why our mailboxes broken and lifts scribbled obscenities?

What is it? Agony in the teen band puberty or mental scars on the installation ...

It so happened that our family has twice changed its address, the first time we moved to Marino, the second time to where I am writing these very lines on a laptop, over the past decade - in Lefortovo, in the quarter, five minutes from the Yauza. Both times we drove in a brand new, brand-new house, just rebuilt the builders, to the entrances, where half of the apartments still standing empty. And both times at home were dying before our eyes. In the first two lifts Marino died. Cargo burned. Small lift very often scribbled obscenities, burned matches black holes in plastic lampshades on lamps. Lovely creamy yellow staircase young lads fiercely kicked someone jumped with his feet on radiators and knocked them to the floor. We tried to lock the steel door of the house, unsuccessfully collected money for the concierge ...

And here we are in Lefortovo!

Again, a brand brand new house ... perfect ... elevators locked with an electronic lock ... mirrors. How long will the house? Every morning I go outside, looked around the entrance and lift with the same thought: when? Almost a year everything was more or less well, load effect tightly zadraennoy fortress, flowers appeared on the sites ... and yet, still the fortress could not resist ... just one stroke today (!) On each mailbox dashing hand written profanity, practically all the boxes door broken out, and in the elevator mirror shattered.

Now we survive sites - all put steel doors.

I have two possible explanations for this vandalism.

The first - is the mass death of teenagers during puberty, in the fateful band of 11 to 13 years, when they actually die, and, tragically growing up to spawn fate as the mad salmon to death, cover the entire world around us, including ourselves , traces of psychosomatic agony. Stop this agony - I was on the role of civilization - is charged with a woman (girl, girlfriend), what takes the agony of the guys over and, in the end, turns hysterical despot maratelya elevators detractor purity and cracker boxes in domestic servant (husband), which has already not dare to utter a word nor home nor touch or scratch.

The second explanation of the thrust scratch gave the participant of last year's "55-Biennale" in Venice artist Bart Dorsa, an American living in Moscow. His "Katya" project was a quiet sensation of a parallel program, although not yet received any laurels or noisy media. Katya - a Moscow girl Dorsa chosen model for gloomy suite your photos. On the one hand, it has attracted American unusual destiny, Kate was born in the Far East, in the family of a local house of culture electrician, but in three years, was in a convent with her mother, who took the veil. Ten years Katya lived in strict obedience to the nuns, then appeared in Moscow, where he joined the radical group of the underground and became an active member of an extreme body art subculture. Surface, which are used by these artists became own skin ... tattoo, cuts, mummification of scars, piercings, scarification (branding, cutting) and other bodily nightmare. In short, not a sight for the faint of heart. In his Venetian pavilion "Maze of Darkness" Bart Dorsa has built a suite of inspired photographs of the face and naked body of the girl and, moreover, cast metal pieces of it subtle perversions ...

Here it is, the new Moscow frieze of the Parthenon, a collection of ruins, a view of the tracks and runways Russian mentality. Peering into the extreme skin Katie, you know that between her skin and the razor had the feeling of mutual passionate love that isterzannost Katina is a reflection of the mentality of the flesh, which can be compared with a target in a shooting gallery history. Her skin became a kind of palimpsest, which in the form of scars imprinted imprints social catastrophe of the twentieth century. It is shocking authenticity, especially against the backdrop of the glamorous counterfeiting and constrictions of worship. And what is the origin of the word authenticity? Original - see Dictionary Dahl - then extracted under torture when the skin of the victim executioner cut out the "molting" - strips of living skin.

Here is another explanation for the state of our environment: she yells - like tattooed on the skin - "I'm not hurt," ...

"Art Dialogue", 2013, №4.