Who's afraid of Conchita Wurst?

Who's afraid of Conchita Wurst?

Conchita Wurst

There is no point in discussing whether the song Conchita Wurst was really the best at "Eurovision". It's not at all in the song, and performer. Well, or the artist - decide. It's no secret that modern pop music (especially Russian) rich voiceless and incompetent boys and girls, all of whose popularity is based solely on their sexual attractiveness. And no matter how seditious it may sound, exactly the same reason can explain the success of Conchita.

Two drive mechanism

Back in 2007, a biologist at Harvard University Dyulak Catherine (Catherine Dulac) * showed that in the brains of mammals are two parallel neural networks, one of which is responsible for the attraction to creatures of your sex, the other - for the attraction to the opposite sex. This fact was established in an animal, and for the people of accurate data on this account there, but psychological research has repeatedly shown that the whole range of sexual preferences observed in human studies, from pure heterosexuality to clean homosexuality, and it is - an argument in favor of two neural theory networks.

It is likely Conchita Wurst won for this reason. Her image activates once two mechanisms of sexual attraction. Her eyes and form stepping in male heterosexual audience neurons and beard - homosexual. For women, everything happens in reverse order, but the effect remains the same.

Tolerance in fashion

Can not be discounted and political motives. About them resembles a cultural Olga Weinstein. "Probably, the jury's decision was motivated by a desire to support the idea of ​​tolerance in Europe, - she says. - Who is the ideology of tolerance, diversity (diversity) and political correctness has spread so much that does not surprise anyone. In the world of fashion is very popular model Andrej Pejic, the owner of a unique beautiful feminine appearance. Pejic participated in displays of women's clothing, bras and advertises recently appeared in the image of a bride on a fashion show by Jean Paul Gaultier. " At the same time, where it comes to creativity, it is not only ideas, but also their implementation. "In the history of European culture were much more significant artistic statements about transsexualism - emphasizes Olga Weinstein. - Let me remind you about the novel "Orlando" Virginia Woolf (1928), in which the hero in the course of history several times changed the floor. In 1992, Sally Potter shot a film "Orlando" in which Tilda Swinton Orlando played, and played the role of Queen Elizabeth celebrated British actor-freak Quentin Crisp. Ideally I would like to have been the subject of discussion of the level of artistic works. " It is difficult to argue. But, to be frank, "Eurovision" contest has never pretended to be an artistic standard. His role, as, indeed, and the role of all modern TV entertainment is more comparable to the one 200 years ago, I played a circus. But already in the XIX century traveling circus bearded women were at a great price. So that poorer circuses, without the means to get a real woman with a beard, made their artists to stick fake beard - if only to keep up with the "trend".

Carnival Start

There is nothing new in the disguise of men in women's clothes (as well as women in the male). "These disguises historically been an attribute of carnival culture, which advocated a kind of secular" counterweight "religious culture - explains psychologist Eugene Osin. - In the classic Shakespearean theater all the roles, including women, by men, and this theme is played out in such comedies as "Twelfth Night." In Russia in the women's dress were buffoons, and Elizabeth arranged balls, which appear at the court were required in clothes of the opposite sex. Actors transvestite and today are part of popular culture: Verka Serduchka and "New Russian grandmother", speaking not in Shakespearean roles, firmly occupied its niche on the Russian TV. "

By the carnival culture and sends the alias itself Wurst. German Wurst word means "sausage" - with a wide range of associations, many of which are not supposed to mention in polite society.

Doubts about the gender identity

Since that victory Conchita Wurst looks quite logical. Bearded woman with farcical pseudonym became a star of contemporary farce - what is there to be surprised? Much more interesting to understand why her victory was in Russia the reason for such rapid disturbances brought together in the manner of the national idea, and viewers, and deputies of the State Duma. According to psychologist Eugene Aspen, the main reason is that the image of Conchita's attempts to "traditional" notions of gender roles. "Man, acting in clothing and as a woman, shows us the relativity of gender as a socio-psychological phenomenon, recalling the simple fact: between men and women in psychological terms, there are no clear boundaries, it seems to us, - he said. -Every man has features that are traditionally regarded as "feminine", and vice versa. Knowledge of these features and the ability to harmoniously combine them makes people more successful. Conversely, obsessive conscious assertion of his masculinity, striving at all costs to suppress the "feminine" traits (not show weakness, compassion) is associated in men with unresolved internal conflict, resulting in a person in an emotionally meaningful situations remain helpless in the face of his unconscious impulses. With the conflict faced by every teenager, but not every boy as an adult, finds confidence in his masculinity (and not every girl - in her femininity). In many ways, it is the fear associated with the uncertainty of their own gender identity, is behind the calls deal with Conchita as a phenomenon. "

The desire for self-assertion

But how do you explain that an equally strong reaction of rejection causes, say, Verka Serduchka? Psychologist believe that the matter is in the competition situation. Comparative studies of culture shows that the Russians, in comparison with the majority of Europeans are much more characteristic of the desire for self-assertion. ** That is why we are so important to be first in everything, and even a victory in the competition, which most Europeans consider as an excuse to have fun, the Russians perceived as socially significant fact. This victory seems to us almost the approval of certain values.

"The type of personality that sees the world as a hierarchy of power relations in psychology is referred to as authoritarian personality - says Evgeny Osin. - Numerous studies conducted in different countries have shown that it is the people with high authoritarianism uncomfortable and show disapproval at a meeting with all the new and unusual, all manifestations of behavior, different from those of "traditional" standards, including gender. *** the authoritarian personality is not only living in a world where there is a "correct" standards, but also considers it his duty to impose these standards to others: why children who grow up in families of authoritarian parents are afraid to be "wrong and". The psychological problem is that the person who sees the world in terms of "right" and "wrong", it is very difficult to find yourself, to accept ambiguity and diversity of his inner world. Fear of this diversity is transformed into negative emotions with respect to any of its manifestations in the outside world. Even so harmless, as a bearded man who disguised himself as a woman, to amuse the audience. " However, perhaps we more tolerant than it seems at first glance. These iTunes music service, for example, show: two days after the end of the "Eurovision" song Conchita Wurst Rise Like a Phoenix took first place in Russia on the number of sales. What is it for?

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*** Learn more about the authoritarian personality and gender cm. In the book of Pascal Kinyara "Sex and fear" (Text, 2000).