Virtual World: How not to drown in social networks

Virtual World: How not to drown in social networks

Social networks - the need of the modern world, but for us to decide what role they play in our lives and how to use them: as a means of expression, the implementation needs of belonging to the group of interest, approval, foregone life, or avoidance reality.

How dangerous a full withdrawal to the world of social networks and virtual space?

1. The man - a social being. Internet resources are not sufficient to be effective in the world. Real communication - a source of powerful positive emotions. For example, if an infant child little fit, rarely pay attention to it (as it often happens in children's homes and other public institutions), children are less developed, longer sick, and in some cases even die.

2. those for whom social networking is more important than real communication, there is a greater risk of developing depression. If the care in social networks - a way to escape reality, sooner or later, this reality will overtake him. In this case, you may want to think about how to get in touch with her now, and not run away.

3. Loss of flexible communication skills. In today's world, they are valued above other qualities, their development helps to become more successful in work and personal life, in building relationships with other people. Reducing the time a real dialogue with people, you can seriously impair their communication skills. 4. When you make a choice in favor of the virtual space, loved ones may be deprived of your attention. And this in turn could lead to a deterioration of relations with them and strengthen your sense of loneliness. Unfortunately, often we do not realize how important it is for other fellowship with us, and in fact many of his really can not miss.

How to understand that social networks began to play too big a role in your life?

1. Do you prefer social networks real communication with friends and acquaintances.

2. Do you spend in them for more than 5 hours a day.

3. You experience anxiety if for 30 minutes you have not checked all the pages in their social networks.

If you have answered all the questions in the affirmative, then perhaps it is worth considering how to begin to return to the real world.

Here are some exercises that will help in this:

1. Feel the reality. To do this, remove away any distracting items such as a phone, tablet or player, and for a few minutes, focus on what is happening around. What do you hear? What do you think falls? Feel what is happening around you. Repeat this exercise several times a day.

2. Learn how to get in touch with the other person. Call, and do not write posts. Listen carefully to what the other person says, - there is nothing more agreeable than to understand that you are listening. Ask questions, express their opinions and be sure to mark himself interlocutor reaction. Watch for changes in their condition at the time of communication. 3. Analyze, in some moments you often immersed in social networks and may be dependent on them, and in what situations, on the contrary, the interest in real life, and real communication makes it easy to give up the virtual communication.

4. Keep a diary of observations and record in it that you feel every time you want to go to a social network. At the end of each day, fix, how many hours a day you have given to this task. After some time, you can analyze how much time you spend on social media every week, month, and possibly year ... Figures may change something in your life.