Stress management

Stress management

The stress we experience every problem as a matter of life and death and did not have time to figure out whether or not it is now important, is there an easier way to solve it. Therefore, a major step out of the vicious circle of constant stress - learn to distance themselves from the stress, that is, look at the situation from different sides calmly, without a heart. Not all problems require urgent solutions. Not all cases need your participation. Teach yourself to put the problem on the second place after your desires.

1. Make a list of your own desires. What you've always wanted to do, but still delayed? Make a habit of regularly implement each of their desires - monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Go to a concert, master class in painting or tour, which had long dreamed of. So you fill your life with pleasure, and this is one of the main antidote to stress.

2 meditation techniques help realize its presence here and now, in a particular day and place. Awareness - it does not control the mind, and the ability to be attentive to yourself and what is happening around. In a moment of particularly high levels of stress, try to focus on the breath and quietly observe the thoughts that come to mind. Try to give an opinion, and the name of each pop-up thinking, "This is my concern," "This is something that I regret." Imagine that negative thoughts - a cloud in the sky that float away from your every conscious breath, clearing in front of you the blue sky endless possibilities. The more you clear your mind from going around the circle of dead-end thoughts, the more you free up space for constructive work. 3. Think about the rules to which you have subjected your life: on which they are based? What makes you think that you lose your job, made one mistake, and that the favorite will throw you if you do not lose weight? What is behind your constant quest for the ideal?

4. Do not take on too much. The weight of small concerns can be unbearable for one - together to deal with it much easier. Involve family home affairs: for example, take a walk with the dog, go for bread or take out the trash under force even to children.

5. Use perfectionism to your advantage. You have learned very well to plan your day? Well, plan it, and time to rest. Soberly assess their capabilities and are serious about their own needs and health. Remember that it is much easier to prevent stress, than to deal with its consequences.

6. Turn off all electronic devices (telephone, computer), when you come home. Take a break from the bustle of the working and urgent matters - go at night for a walk with your loved ones to relax, get some fresh air and get rid of stress. In addition, this is a great opportunity to spend time with those who are dear to you, to exchange news, and support each other.

7. If you exercise, give up training for wear. If you are not a fan of fitness, the time to start - this is one of the most effective ways to neutralize the stress. Distribute the load so that the exercise is energizing, not taken away the power of life. For example, alternate intensive minute to three minutes of walking with a relaxing step, and so for half an hour. 8. During working hours make a few pauses:, close your eyes for a few minutes and meditate or go for a short walk, listen to some relaxing music. If you can not eliminate the causes of stress, try to organize your day so that the stress at least not accumulate.

9. Examine your boundaries - that you are able to do, and what is beyond your capabilities; How many orders you to take on, but from what should be abandoned. Sometimes carry this trait is extremely difficult. For example, if your aging parents need your help - in what way it should be expressed? Be guided by your inner voice, and remember that you can not help anybody (at home or at work), if under stress could bring themselves to exhaustion.

10. We all have the right to say "no." We do not need - to be the most responsible, intelligent, kind and helped 100% of their time. We are entitled to fatigue, melancholy and anger. Concentrate on what you have done, not on what you do not have time - do not forget to celebrate your successes and achievements, even the smallest. On this foundation builds your self-esteem and ability to protect themselves from stress.