10 dangers for relations in the pair

10 dangers for relations in the pair

1. Are you bored

Couples who participate together in interesting affairs, much happier than those who are bored - judging by the results of the study at the University at Stony Brook (USA) *. "In order to live together for a long time to please, will not have problems and conflicts, - said study author psychologist Arthur Aron (Arthur Aron), - the partners must make a joint life exciting."

2. You will never get angry

Partners who argued a lot in the first year or two relationships, but still were able to discuss their differences, become happier over time, according to a study at the University of Florida (USA). ** "Short-term discomfort of an honest dispute useful for the relationship in the long term," - says McNulty (McNulty) from the University of Florida.

3. You are jealous of

Jealousy or indifference to the success of the partner relationship deteriorate. Mark and congratulate partner with the achievement - means to increase relationship satisfaction, as shown by a study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

4. You do not have sex

If you increase the sexual activity of once a month to once a week, your enjoyment of life and relationships, according to statistics, the increase ****.

5. You heterosexual

Relations in gay marriage happier and stronger relationship, according to a study of the British Open University, which was attended by 5000 people *****. This does not mean that your relationship is doomed, if your partner is of the opposite sex than you. But this fact leads us to think about how important for a couple of common interests and open a friendly dialogue.

6. Do you have children

Many of us think of children a necessary condition in order to live a happy and full meaning of life. However, if you would like your relationship with your partner were the most harmonious, better not to have children - childless men and women are more satisfied with their relationships and increasingly feel that their partner appreciates, as shown by all the same study Open University.

7. You have a lot of divorced or unhappy married friends

You have 75% more likely to divorce if some of your friends have divorced, the study showed Brown University (USA) *******. "Divorce can be" infected "through social networks, it is spreading such rumors and encourages friends and friends of friends to parting" - says Rose McDermott (Rose McDermott), which conducted the study.

8. Both of you are not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can bring the pair to collapse. Men are much more valued relationship, if they are well enough sleep. Lack of sleep in women is also fraught with problems in the relationship, according to a study at the University of Arizona (USA) ********. "Sleep not only affects our mental and physical health - says study leader psychologist Brant Hasler (Brant Hasler), - but also on the health of our loved ones." Does this mean that the healthy sleep help solve all the other problems in the family? In any case, it is necessary to start with this. In addition, we should not discuss difficult issues, if any of the partners does not get enough sleep.

9. The monster and handsome

The attractiveness of women is very important for men: their relationship satisfaction is higher, the prettier they consider their lady love. This is the conclusion psychologist Andrea Meltzer of Southern Methodist University (USA), after 4 years of observations of 450 heterosexual couples ********. It is curious that the same conclusion came before a social psychologist at the University of California Institute Relations (US) ********** Benjamin Carney. He believes that men who consider themselves attractive than their wives, are not disposed to take care of your partner's needs.

10. You just had sex

Immediately sex and enter into a relationship - not the best way to build a solid couple, as shown by studies at Cornell University (USA) ***********. For those couples who first looked at each other and waiting for at least a month before you go to bed, the relationship was more successful and stronger.

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