What do you mean a dream: "I have sex with my father"

Our unconscious gives us a clue when we perceive what is happening in a dream, as something right and even the best of the possible. An analytical psychologist Larisa Harlanova explains what it means to sleep, "I have sex with my father."

What do you mean a dream:



"The second time a dream that I have sex with my father. In the dream, I think that it's okay, right, and the best possible option. What is my problem? I was brought up in austerity - Dad for me always was and is inflexible and chief judge of my actions. Argue with him, I did not hesitate, I can rarely disobey. Meet with the boys banned from school, the sediment remained to this day. Insecurities and fears. A serious relationship is still there, and I graduated from the school for a long time. "


"It is very likely that your unconscious lets you know that you are investing too much in his father's complex, that is in a relationship with his father. Let us see in what words you describe your relationship with him. You brought up in severity, Dad always was and is "inflexible judge" all your actions ... You agree that you will always and for everything to be judged? What you need is "justice agency" issued outside, without my father's care you astray, do not manage? And even now, when you grew up?

Rigor and prohibitions to communicate with the boys, it seems, are still, as if the boys - a dangerous kind of people who should be feared and to be careful, otherwise there will be what? Something is definitely wrong? Your unconscious already gives you a hint that you perceive what is happening in a dream, as something proper and best possible. As long as you do not put into question the legitimacy of my father's pressure and the right to dispose of your life is a risk that you will not be able to find the right relationship, will remain. Unless it does not take care of the pope; so, too, it happens - when parents choose a partner, saying: "This man suits you."

You ask: "What is my problem," you need to ask yourself this question: if I want to get rid of the fact that someone, even if dad always knows better than me what is right for me, what is good and what is bad for me ? If you do not want to change it, then I would say that this is really a problem. If you are writing this letter as a question - what should I do? - I would advise to find the opportunity to work with a psychologist to understand what is yours, and what is imposed, redirected "from above", but what you just live without criticism taking for granted and the only right. "

Larisa Harlanova - clinical psychologist, analytical psychologist, a member of the Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology (MAAP).