"All of us on the day of creation"

Dmitry Leontyev read at our request book Irvin Yalom "We are all creations on the day, and other stories."

"Irvin Yalom definitely perfected a particular genre - the story of an experienced therapist about the meetings that take place in the office where he takes clients. This genre of psychotherapy tales emerged only a few decades ago. According to the twist of intrigue, twists and surprises the dynamics of what is happening, these stories are quite comparable with the best of the detective genre. Only intrigue here special - it relates to events occurring around us do not, and in the client's soul, in his inner life.

"We are all creations on the day, and other stories." Translation from English Catherine Wolfson and others. Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, 240.

Psychotherapist, even Yalom, not a magician, he was in '82 continues to learn, again and again, asking the question: what really helps? And find unusual shapes and ways to tell that figured in his profession, and, most importantly, that was not able to understand.

The new book is written in the genre favored by them - that it can give the reader who first discovered Irvin Yalom? Can nothing to give - there is never a guarantee, as a general in any meeting. But, of course, it offers an insight into the essence of this deep psychotherapy. This process does not mean communion with all-knowing expert who reads the secrets of the soul like an open book. On the contrary, genuine psychotherapeutic work is based on the relationship between two imperfect mortal beings, and only because of this, and it is bearing fruit, often contrary to all expectations. Psychologist - not the one who knows all the answers, but the one who knows how to find them. And stores all the answers only in the client's mind, and the maximum that can make a psychologist or psychotherapist (but it's very much) - to help clear blockages on the way to them and help the client to move towards them, not from them, as we have often and do. But in addition to crafts book reveals the depth of life. From other books Yalom, it differs in that almost all of the stories in it one way or another connected with the challenges of old age and death. Not everyone recognizes that they are concerned about these issues, however, as the author shows a few examples of bright, attitude to death can have a decisive influence on our lives sometimes from a young age. Ancient taught not to be afraid of death - when it comes, we will be gone. But modern psychology elaborates death often enters into our lives long before its completion. And depending on how well we are aware of it and how ready to recognize its reality and inevitability, or it poisons us for many years, or, on the contrary, makes life brighter and deeper, causing more acutely feel the responsibility for it. Being on the side of life - so do not run away from thoughts of death, and to make it a reality. Details from Yalom ".

Irvin Yalom, one of the founders of existential psychotherapy. He is the author of the autobiographical bestseller "The treatment of love" (Class of 2012), "When Nietzsche Wept" (Eksmo, 2010), and serious scientific books (among them - "Existential psychotherapy" (Eksmo, 2004).