What sexual fantasies are normal?

Women often imagine strangers, men - women known to them, but not their wives, and they are more likely to want to translate their "hot dreams" into reality.

What sexual fantasies are normal?

of the American Psychiatric disorders qualifier in determining the sex drive uses the expression "abnormal sexual fantasies", the word "unusual" appears in the WHO documents. Psychologists from two academic institutions in the structure of the University of Montreal (Canada) felt that this is not enough, and tried to find out, and what, in fact, erotic fantasies are common and frequent, and what - are rare and unusual. * Led the study, Dr. Christian Zhuayyal (Christian Joyal), and the results were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

30, 86, 1% of them identify themselves as heterosexuals, 3, 6% - - 799 men and 718 women from Quebec, the average age of the respondents in the online survey polled gays and lesbians, the other to a greater or lesser extent bisexual.

They were asked to rate on a 7-point scale ranging from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree", 55 statements constructed under the scheme "I happened to dream about ...". If one or the other story received the respondent a score of 3 points or more, it was thought that such a fantasy he has, it gave an opportunity to assess its prevalence. In addition, the individual authors have chosen the top "favorite" fantasies, that is most often honored with the highest score. "Beloved" and at the same time the most common fantasy among women proved to sex in some special or unusual place, followed by sex with a stranger, and closes the "top three" group sex. Favorites among men, with a small difference in numbers - anal sex in a host role, oral sex in the host role and the fantasy associated with the site. Group sex in fourth place, with the percentage of men who like to imagine such a scene, almost equal to the percentage of women. However, the idea of ​​the "dream team" - the ideal composition of the participants imagined orgies - they are different.

Fairly widespread stories of BDSM-related, ie erotized violence and pain in the context of the game. Predictably women in such scenes preferred submission, male - dominated. The question of the fantasies of rape explicitly did not ask, but ask about sex under duress, and his approval rating - is about the same as the other imaginary BDSM-practices.

Among the "atypical" fantasies, that is, those who at least occasionally visited by less than 15% of respondents - sex with a prostitute, a partner of humiliation under the influence of psychoactive substances, the "golden rain" (urinating on a partner) and sex with cross-dressing the other sex. Very rare imagination, fortunately, turned out to have sex with a minor child, who even in his thoughts allows only a tiny minority, and sex with animals. Although gender differences are, of course, for each item, the most curious two. Firstly, the hero of erotic dreams in women is either their intimate ground, or a stranger, a fictional character. Men excite images of individual women, but not of those with whom they actually share a bed, and acquaintances or "stars". Second, more men would like to realize their fantasies into practice, while women are better aware of the difference between the fictional and the real, and not inclined to mix the two layers of existence.

Finally, the very Christian Zhuayyal most intriguing considered fantasy that only common among men, namely anal sex in a host role, watching partner who has sex with another man, and sex with "shemale", ie transgender external sexual characteristics and men and women. According Zhuayyalya, these fantasies can not be explained from the point of view of evolutionary biology.

* S. Joyal, A. Cossette, and V. Lapierre "What exactly is an unusual sexual fantasy?", The Journal of Sexual Medicine, October 2014.