"In my opinion, I should call back someone who called"

Book, diary, entirely consisting of as if random records, minor revelations and a little shamefaced confession is written so that each of us can exclaim - "Yes this is about me!" Here are some quotes, exactly the found words to cheer mood, smile, surprise, warm ...

"should be brought to the public generally, what to do when you talk on the phone and suddenly lost the connection. In my opinion, I have to call back someone who called. It would be nice to all conditions - once and for all. Because people usually in such cases begin at the same time to gain each other or wait for their pick up another. And then we say with one voice, he probably calls. Or, try to call himself. In both cases, the moment when you decide to call himself, is busy number, because you're trying to call someone with whom you have missed. A rule that would determine exactly how to behave in such circumstances, would help save many nerve cells. "

"At the supermarket, I always learn other people's carts, trying to imagine what people eat for lunch, for dinner, what kind of life are that I have in common with them. Some buy the same, that would buy me, so I have a good reason to subscribe to their purchases. "

"I go to a shoe store, on which the window I saw my favorite shoes. Show them to the saleswoman, I call number - forty-sixth. She leaves, and returning, he said: Unfortunately, your room is not. And be sure to add: there are forty-one. And he stares at me - waiting for my reaction. And I would be happy to say, even if only one day, well, I will take forty-one. " "When discharged batteries in telepulte, I am ready to spend days sitting on the couch with a remote control in his hand, stretched the entire length of the side of the TV, and the time to press the desired channel I button over and over again, executing a brush most incredible pirouettes in search of provisions, which would allow residues energy in batteries to meet the receiver of infrared rays on the TV. Sometimes, in order to revive the panel, we have a few times to knock them on the palm of the other hand or any sufficiently firm surface. Strange, but it often helps. A time helps, you'll be more furiously knocking control, the less battery it left to live.

Tomorrow buy batteries, I promise myself. But tomorrow will again sit on the couch, remote control stubbornly banging on the table.

There are people who have a stock of patience is zero: they immediately jump off the couch and run to the nearest store for new batteries, taking with them the old sample. At home, they put new batteries and as if nothing had happened continued to watch television. I do not understand these people. "

* F. Piccolo "Minutes everyday happiness" (Astrel 2012).

Francesco Piccolo, the Italian writer and winner of the film award "David di Donatello" for the screenplay for the film Paolo Virza "first beautiful thing" (2010). He is the author of three novels, but it is "everyday happiness Minutes" made him really famous.