How to work standing at a table

Cidet whole day in front of a computer monitor is bad for health. And even daily (daily!) Exercise can not compensate for the damage. What to do? One solution - to alternate the position of the table: the work while sitting, then standing. A few tips.

How to work standing at a table

Sitting all day is bad, but the prospect of spending an 8-hour day on your feet can scare anyone. The strategy is to change the position of the body, alternate standing and sitting work.

1. Provide yourself leeway

On sale there are tables in which the height is adjustable for sitting or standing, but they are quite expensive. However, a table for work standing can organize yourself. "I work from home, so I was not so difficult to build yourself a" high "table - shares his experience freelance journalist Margaret Badore (Margaret Badore), which is already several years working at a table standing. - My first table looks like this: bookshelf, her printer on top of a stack of books and laptop on the top. The view was not very good, but the problem of their desk performing adequately. I felt much better at the end of a day spent at the computer. "

2. Start a new habit

Agree with him that from now on part of the work you will be doing just standing behind a desk - for example, respond to emails, talk on Skype to communicate in social networks. So you will have a reason to get up from a chair more often, and determination to keep his promise to help form a new useful habit.

3. Use a charging as an incentive to

Organize your work area so that there is more reason to work standing up - cords to the scanner, the computer speakers and can be arranged so that they can be included only from a standing position. Then the next charging laptop will be an incentive to get up - you can work sitting down, just until the battery is discharged.

4. Do not forget about the legs

Standing for many hours, we overload the muscles of the legs. To avoid this, take care of comfortable shoes and, if possible, work on an ergonomic mat. Folded in half a yoga mat is also nice.

5. Take breaks

Long time to be in the same position, whether standing or sitting, and is harmful to our bodies and to work. Therefore, make it a rule to take a break periodically to warm up - like, be pulled in different directions, make a few rotations of the body or any other exercises that help you feel better. Protect health - it means that not only monitor the posture, but also to listen to the signals your body and treat it carefully.