Jealousy for men and women

Jealousy for men and women

A recent large-scale study involved 64,000 men and women of different ages and sexual preferences. Participants are two scenarios have been proposed, and each had to choose the one that gives him great distress. As a result, the scientists wanted to answer the question of how men and women respond to the physical and emotional betrayal.

  • You will find that your partner is in a sexual relationship with another person, but not in love with him.
  • You know that your partner is in love with another person, but in a sexual relationship with him does not come.

It was found that heterosexual men, unlike heterosexual women are more frustrating physical infidelity than emotional. A heterosexual women, homosexual men and women are more regret about what their partner is in love.

"Heterosexual men parted in the results with other participants: they are more negatively perceived sexual infidelity, - says David Frederick (David Frederick), PhD and the lead author of the study. - Such a reaction can be easily explained. A man can never quite be sure of his paternity (if, of course, does not make DNA analysis), in contrast to women, which no such problems. That is why the response to physical changes in men is more pronounced. "

Women, in turn, are afraid of losing him, and with it everything else: protection, protection, livelihood ... That's why women are sensitive to emotional attachment, attention, which a man addresses the opponent, which in some cases leads to the collapse of families. Another fear of men, causing them to perceive painful physical infidelity - loss of confidence in his own masculinity and sexual possibilities. The logic of thinking is that if a woman is looking for relationships on the side, divides the bed to the other, then, does not suit her partner sexually.

It is noteworthy that neither age nor income level had no effect on the amount of change or reacting to them. Scientists have only noticed that the young participants in the study responded to the fact worse than physical infidelity **.

Half of the men surveyed admitted that they change their partners. Among women, "sex on the side" practiced only 34% of participants. It is interesting that heterosexual men - leaders in the number of changes - less sensitive to the infidelity of their partners than women - 46% versus 65%.

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