Self-control and Career

Think about the consequences and be able to control themselves - if the child is to learn it, you can be sure of it, not only now but in the future: it is these abilities will help him to make a career.

Self-control and Career

Scientists have shown that , children with good self-control, that is, with the ability to focus, do not throw hard case and suppress impulsive behavior, in the future, it is easier to find jobs and less likely to lose it. In addition, they spend 40% less time in the status of the unemployed than those who in childhood did not learn to do without outside help.

To establish a connection between self-control in childhood and unemployment in the future, the researchers looked at the results of two long-term studies, which involved more than 15 000 British children. self-control level is measured after adjusting for intelligence, social class, family history and health status.

Unemployment among those who in childhood did not differ self-control, jumped sharply during the recession of the 1980s, people who need help from the outside, lost their jobs in the first place, and it was difficult to find another. This can be explained by several factors: increased vulnerability to stress due to unemployment, loss of skills due to long outages, lack of confidence - all this does not contribute to successful employment. "To avoid such problems, it is important to educate the self in childhood, when the mind is more malleable. In addition to personal well-being, it will help to reduce unemployment in the society, especially during recessions and to benefit in the long run ", - said study author Michael Daly (Michael Daly). For self-development, it recommends that special programs in schools and kindergarten, as well as yoga, martial arts and meditation while walking.

For details, see M. Daly, L. Delaney, M. Egan, R. F. Baumeister "Childhood Self-Control and Unemployment Throughout the Life Span: Evidence From Two British Cohort Studies"., Psychological Science , in 2015.