Questions under the pillow

Before you tell your child, "Good night", ask him a question or two on our list. As a rule, during the day we have to anything we do not have time, and we restrict ourselves to the requests or orders: "make", "do not forget", "Correct". "Issues under the pillow" will help start a conversation heart to heart with his son or daughter, and found the child a lot.

Questions under the pillow

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What do you like to dream?

Your best memory of the last academic year?

Who is your hero and why?

How would you describe / describe your family?

If you could / could change something in yourself, what would you change / changed?

For that you are most proud of?

Who is the kindest person in your environment? Why?

What do you like most about your best friend?

What one thing would you like to / would like to learn how to do well?

If you were / was an animal, what and why?

When was the last time someone hurt you, I hurt your feelings? How do you react / respond?

Do you know someone who is going through hard times? How can you help him or her?

Tell us about an event that made you survive the biggest fear in this year.

If you were allowed to leave yourself only one thing of all that you have, what would you choose?

Who would you call a truly successful person? Why?

What do you like most about your favorite teacher this year?

At what point did you feel that adults do not understand you?

Name three words that most accurately say about you. What makes you angry?

The best compliment that you got / get in life?

If you had the opportunity to spend 48 hours anywhere in the world, where would you go / I went?

What are you most grateful in your life? Who are you most thankful?

If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would you like to / would like to switch places and why?

How many people today you laugh / rasssmeshila or forced / compelled to smile?

The funny thing is an event that happened to you today?

What one thing can you do better today than yesterday?

What would you prefer / prefer: to be able to fly or read minds?

Who do you most expect a meeting in the school every day?

If you gathered / collected his lunch to school on their own, what would you have to put / put?

How many of your classmates the friendliest?

What do you like most about your teacher, he knows how to do well?

What part of the school day in your favorite?

Who are you today, I am sitting in the school cafeteria?

With whom did you spend most of your time today?

What's your favorite game and why?

Who makes you laugh and why?

If you could play any role in your favorite movie, what would you choose and why?

Who in our family you most fun to spend time?

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