Handsome man more forgiving

Women tend more indulgent treat misdemeanors men, if they believe it is physically attractive.

Handsome man more forgiving

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Usually we pretty quickly the first impression of the people, but not always it turns out to be correct. Often, our knowledge of the person is based on external features, such as beauty or attractiveness, and we begin to ascribe to a man (or woman) a set of positive ( "angel effect") or negative ( "devil effect") features.

Jeremy Gibson (Jeremy Gibson) and Jonathan Gore (Jonathan Gore) from Eastern Kentucky University (USA), conducted an experiment to determine how physical attraction and adherence to social norms affect the perception of men by women. 170 female students were shown photographs of men and told the story. On one of the two photos of the man's face was attractive, on the other - no. In one of the stories of men commit a bad act, in the other - no.

It was found that when the anti-social act committed an ugly man, attitude much worse - like a "devil effect" worked with a vengeance. On the contrary, the attitude towards the handsome stumbled usually do not change. "Women are willing to endure the ugly men, only if they behave well", - commented the results Gibson. The effects of the "angel" and "devil" often play an important role in finding a partner on dating sites. Gibson and Gore believe that if in the questionnaire online outwardly unattractive man says about himself is something unusual, a woman is likely to ignore it. If the same information is found on the handsome page, the interest in it is unlikely to fade away. We are not the most attractive men, who do not report themselves nothing alarming, as there are chances.

These results are relevant to the judicial system. Studies have shown that seemingly unattractive defendants are usually given more severe punishment. Indeed, the defendant, by definition, is suspected of committing antisocial acts, and it is likely that a jury view also affects "the devil effect."

For details, see J. Gibson, J. Gore "You're OK Until You Misbehave: How Norm Violations Magnify the Attractiveness Devil Effect"., Gender Issues, online publication from May 27, 2015.