Why do not they read? Why not dream?

Why do not they read? Why not dream?

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to read

- A school curriculum something you read? - I asked Lisa.

- Sure. And much more.

- "More" - this is from the Internet, and about the quality, I do not say anything, - said the girl's mother. - From the latter, imagine: she fell in love with a vampire. He also fell in love with her, but can not sleep, because he feared her that zagryzet in the process. And for nearly a dozen volumes, it is impossible to spend too much language this problem ...

- And you are a teenager, this problem did not care?

- What? Love for a vampire ?!

- No. The desire and the impossibility of love. Including in the carnal aspect.

The woman blushed very nice (must have thought of something specific), and Lisa at exactly this point interested in what is happening in the office.

- Tell me, please - I said to Lisa's mother. - Here you are a child read a lot, and you will easily remember. You loved the classic school?

- Oh, No! That is, well ... Lermontov I liked, then Byron, and even Griboyedov somehow ... And so we read the children and about adventure, science fiction ...

- What exactly are you looking for and found in the books of his childhood .. Be honest, please ...?

Mother opened her mouth to answer, but my last sentence stopped finished off the maxim of her tongue. She thought for a long time, then said slowly:

- Answers to some children and teen issues. Children, teenagers, like me, and vice versa, it is not like that. As they do, think, feel ... Other worlds in fiction, how they work, some bold scientific hypothesis ...

- Thank. Your daughter and her friends are looking for exactly the same thing. And our culture does still mostly text. But what about the "children do not write, do not read" ... You know, there occurred a process that adherents of child and adolescent reading somehow flatly refuse to notice: the children went inside the text. It began with him on an equal footing ... and solving their problems, read and even write as much or more than we used to be. Just imagine an ordinary young man late 80's. Does not humanist, not a journalist. Whether he wrote in the previous five years, anything other than a school essay with a stick? I wrote. Greeting cards grandmother in Taganrog on the New Year and 7 November until the seventh grade (then flatly refused as no shame) and a note in the eighth grade, "Lisa, let's go to the movies today." And a modern young man or woman? They write and read almost constantly, tens and hundreds of pages. Mails, SMSes, twitter, friends, band, news ... Each one to fifteen years wrote more than a dozen "sort of stories" (everything about yourself, a loved one, and about his friends) in the "Live journal" or "Vkontakte", invented and described dozens of characters and biographies in video games ... - Yes Yes! - Lisa joined. - We know how to come up with Mila? Here Bertha - is from the 'Twilight', you know? - she wants to be with Edward, but she has a favorite friend who decides to leave her at any cost of living people in the world, and Berta does not know how to do it ...

- Very interesting - I wholeheartedly agreed. - And what happened?

- We have not finished writing - Lisa said, adding proudly: - We have a group of 148 friends to also waiting to see how everything will end!

- Well, write me hundred forty and ninth ... - I smiled. - And think that's what the course: what if a friend also fell in love, but human, and now they compare this and that love - and of the world of the living from the dead ...

- ABOUT! - Lisa said. - Thank you ... And now I can go out?

- Mile went to call, - sighed the mother. - So you think that's okay?

- I think nothing - I nodded. - Their way of working with texts and images is different from ours. They do not look up at the "lump of fat," they just live in their own and other people's texts, splashing in them, like a fish in the ocean, complete the written language of smiles and interactivity on the go rework it ... Are you sure that this is a step back compared to your "book" childhood?

of dreams

In my professional diagnostic arsenal is the game: the magician and three wishes. This is when I ask children or adolescents to imagine a meeting with the magician and to think of any three wishes that he can perform with the help of a wave of a magic wand.

And before the game I give the children understand that we are not talking about an imaginary trip to the supermarket, and it is about dreams. "To understand the language of animals," "to be able to fly" - all this is also possible to think of it as a wizard.

And in recent years, it was discovered here what disturbing thing for me: more and more children to the question "So what would you ask the wizard?" Honestly thought, replied: "Nothing. Nothing I had not asked. " At this point dramatically bad mood both of us (and I, and a child). We both know that something is wrong! But what? Maybe the whole thing in the clothing and the information redundancy of the modern world? After all, we have something in our childhood dreamed about branded jeans (who did not buy in the shops and that were too expensive at the black marketeers), and an interesting book, about which only heard, but could not find to read. But on a trip to Paris could not even dream a few (quite enough dreams about how the summer will go to the sea - in the Baltic States or in the Crimea).

And maybe in the dreams of modern people do not have time? After compared with the current child, we had a sensory deprivation: on the TV showed one movie for the evening, and even "Good night, kids." Usually parents no special development of children is practically engaged, and we took ourselves: games in the yard and the house, reading, painting, talking, quite meditative observation of the outside world, dreams ... Now it is not so: many kids busy program carefully designed for their parents, simply, "to the eyeballs." What here the dream, if the child with their parents for years torn between serious school, useful mugs, cooking lessons and tutors who help him in this!

And then he goes to college to learn marketing, then it becomes thereby a marketer and as a young man, my friend, is no longer dreaming, but simply sets out to ...

But I still devoured by doubt: for childhood and teenage dream - it is after all nothing more than how to build a personal long-term plan to capture the imagination of new, magical horizons ... Where would we be now if many thousands of years ago, one of our ancestors never dreamed of, wrapped in stinking skin in cold damp cave? If children stop dreaming about space open spaces, that will be with us tomorrow? Tell me, dear reader, do you remember your childhood dreams? And now you want? Dream Are your children and grandchildren? And if so, what?

I want to tell another story about magic desires of my own childhood.

I was 11 years old, and I and my yard the other Grishka acorns collected in the Nevsky Forest Park on the banks of the Neva (they needed me for handicrafts, and Grisha as a senior - he was 13 - agreed to take me there). In the fall of Leningrad dark very early (the flip side of the famous white nights). We pockets full of elastic cool acorns walked through the park to the bus stop to go home. On the dark blue sky and then fell into the Neva gold stars.

- You wish make? - said Grisha.

- Yes, I did not have time - I complained. - I'm just starting to talk, and she has already fallen ...

- It should be a short wish, then have time - said Grisha.

- And what - briefly?

- Peace - peace! Short and the most important thing. That there was no war. Do not you know?

- Peace - peace! Exactly! - I was delighted, I stood among the dark, humid wiggling oaks, clutched his hand Grishkina hand, looked up to the starry sky and wait for a rapid stroke, persuaded that did really well! - Thank you, Grisha!

- But not for that, - he responded graciously. - Everybody does it ...

Many years later, I told the story to her husband:

- I then also many that taught in the classroom, in a camp, and everywhere ... And you have to think so?

- I do not remember, but it seems that something really was, - he said, and smiled. - But now I know for sure, why not happened nuclear war which everyone feared. Imagine millions of children look at the sky and thinks of shooting stars: "Peace - peace," It just has to come true ..! Please, anyone who can and those who still believe in the magic of the good: look at the sky that night, the rain falls the stars (or even flying an airplane or satellite) and a wish: the world - the world! Today, it is again very important.

Read more in the book E. Murashova "We all come from childhood" (Scooter, 2015).