"Intuitive Eating. How to stop worrying about food and lose weight, "S. Bronnikova

Give yourself permission to eat anything without conditions to work it in the gym or arrange a fasting day. This is the basic principle of intuitive power. At first, it can cause anxiety and resistance, because it seems like the way to chaos and excess weight. After all, in modern culture it believed that nutrition be sure to "follow", as if we are in something of his suspect writes psychotherapist Svetlana Bronnikova to normalize eating behavior specialist.

However, the intuitive menu compilation - the only way to permanently get rid of binge eating episodes. The fact is that by eating without hunger leads not an abundance of food, and the psychological and physiological discomfort of limitations. "Diet" mindset divides products into useful and harmful. Recent prohibited and already it attractive. Within the intuitive power there are no rules. To produce them ourselves, focusing on the sensation, and, oddly enough, over time, begin to increasingly choose foods recommended by nutritionists. What is perceived as a free choice, it does not cause resistance. The book describes the tasks, doing that you can get rid of the "diet" mindset. For example, to "legalize" the forbidden product, you need to buy it in large numbers, put in a large dish (it was impossible to calculate how much is eaten) and ensure that it always remains full. At first, you may eat too much. Even so, be sure to mark that feels the body with overeating, and continue to have, when you want. In the period from three weeks to three months, you stop overeating. Eksmo, 432 p.