Who are homophobes

What personality traits peculiar to people with homophobic views? According to psychologists.

Who are homophobes

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Hostility to the men and women of different sexual orientation (homosexual, bisexual) often show those whose self-esteem is dependent on the approval of groups and families. This conclusion was made by psychologists Evgeny Osin and Olga Gulevich from the Higher School of Economics 1. They found other personality traits characteristic of people with homophobic views. For example, people often ...

  • are inclined to attach great importance to traditions and religious norms;
  • overly concerned about their own femininity or masculinity;
  • in the dispute trusted opinion influencers, leaders "elders";
  • believe in a higher justice, "karma";
  • believe that only one point of view may be correct.

1 The results presented at the First World Congress of the Association of Psychological Science (Amsterdam, March 2015).