Sexual stimulation causes the risk

Often it implied that taking care of security during sex (for example, insist on using a condom) should be a woman, as "more intelligent" partner. However, the new data show that in a state of excitement, and men and women are equally prone to undue risk.

Sexual stimulation causes the risk

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A group of Canadian researchers led by psychologist Shane Racehorse-Sparling (Shayna Skakoon-Sparling) conducted an experiment, which was attended by 144 students. The true purpose of the study they were not informed. Half of them have shown a two-minute excerpt from a pornographic film. Second half - the control group - a video watched, not associated with sex - for example, a scene from the animated film "WALL-E."

After watching the video, participants responded to questions from which it followed, in which they reside mood (excitation). Then they were asked to imagine how they would have behaved in an imaginary situation - for example, would not have dared to have sex, if none of the partners did not have a condom.

Volunteers who watched porn, but not enough to excite (minimum 3 points on a 10-point scale), as well as overly excited Participants in the control group (2 out of 10) were excluded from data analysis. In the end, the answers were analyzed 80 women and 33 men (mean age 23 years). It was found that in general, men were more likely to engage in unprotected sex in the hypothetical situation described. However, it is noteworthy that both men and women who watched porn, were significantly more likely to take risks than those in the control group.

In a second experiment evaluated the effect of sexual arousal susceptibility to risk in situations not involving sex. It was attended by other students, which is also divided into two groups, one of them looking porn, and the second - a neutral video. After watching students playing blackjack rollers. Saw porn more risk during the game: and a tendency to correlate with the risk of the excitation level which is estimated on the 10-point scale.

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