What we are proud of today?

We are proud of belonging to the team: the family, the country and nation. And what else we have ways of self-identification? The figures and comments of experts.

What we are proud of today?

PHOTO Rodion Chinas

We continue to paint a psychological portrait of our society. Today, together with sociologists, "Levada Center," we find something to be proud of our compatriots. "Who do you recognize yourself with pride that primarily adds you to respect for yourself?" - so it sounded the issue in June 2015 1. This question is asked regularly sociologists, and the first thing that attracts attention - negative dynamics. Participants were asked a lot of options (for this reason, the amount of interest is greater than 100), and this time, almost all of them have collected fewer votes than in previous years. The exception was the option "of Vladimir Putin." In 2012, this cohort himself proudly ranked as only 2% of respondents. In this - as much as 7%. However, this response is clearly not among the most popular. With the greatest pride we realize ourselves parents of their children - 47%. Quite popular and "mirror" answer - comprehension of children of their parents' pride fills 25% of Russians. 38% are proud that they are Russian, 35% - by the fact that they are citizens of Russia, and 22% that they - the owners in their home.

"The family, whose members are linked by personal relationships - it is the environment, where we were often well treated," - explains the sociologist Karina Pipia - and therefore a popular choice as a parent or child should not come as a surprise. It is not related to the reasons for family pride characteristic of the Russians with higher education. "They have more opportunities to express themselves in this profession and to increase their self-esteem," - says Karina Pipia. However, such people among the respondents bit. Specialists in the business himself proudly called the 14% of respondents, and "people who have reached all their work" - 12%. His explanation offers a psychotherapist Barbara Sidorova: "From the survey data shows that we value belonging to a social community of more than individual achievement. I think the reasons for this are rooted in our history. Russia for a long time was an agrarian country. Embeddedness in the community has historically been the key to success, or even survival. Perhaps that is why the family and community in a symbolic sense, and now mean more than personal achievement ". However, the therapist points out that this plant has not only positive consequences. "It is good in case of the need for collective action when it is necessary to fall on the whole world or to cope with the common misfortune.

But when you want to take unconventional decisions go beyond the family or community regulations, focus on the community becomes an obstacle and can be a source of anxiety experiences. "

1 The survey was conducted on 19-22 June 2015. More on levada.ru site.