Thanks helps keep the relationship

Thank each other! It is the simplest thing you can do for your marriage, scientists believe. Time to say "thank you" not only eliminates the undesirable effects that occur due to quarrels and misunderstandings, but also increases the level of happiness in the family as a whole.

Thanks helps keep the relationship

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"We found that if the husband sees that his family loved and valued, marriage quality is improved. In addition, mutual attention and appreciation effect on how they see and evaluate its alliance partners, from which, in particular, depends on its duration, "- says the author of the study, conducted by psychologists from the University of Georgia (USA), Ted Fartis (Ted Furtis ). In the telephone survey, they found out, as they communicate in families, spouses express their feelings ... The results showed that in the happiest marriages and qualitative wife used to say to each other "thank you."

"Our survey shows the absolute power of a simple" thank you ", - says the scientific director of research Alan Barton (Allen Barton). - Even if a couple is having difficulty in a relationship, gratitude helps bring them back to normal, and to improve the climate in the family. " Also, studies have shown that the more often the wife expresses its appreciation to each other, the less the husband and wife are thinking about divorce. In addition, it decreases the negative effect of fighting.

"If a couple in crisis: one family member always something requires and grumbles, and the other tries to avoid conflict, it is gratitude and appreciation to help spouses get out of the peak, get rid of negative emotions and stabilize relations", - says Ted Fatris. "For the first time we were able to document that the marriage becomes more stable and better if the couple a sense of gratitude for each other - adds Alan Barton. - We believe it is important because it means that almost any pair can strengthen your marriage, even if they are not particularly strong in the management of conflicts. " The results of the research confirmed earlier speculation, and that in the case of hard financial situation in the family thanks a lot to fix. When a pair of barely making ends meet, the couple are beginning to criticize each other, they are very closed, they may even start to avoid each other, which, of course, leads to a deterioration in relations.

However, the simple gratitude can break the cycle and help the couple overcome the problems. A simple "thank you" shows that we appreciate what he did for us, partner.

All couples quarrel and go through crises. If relationships are strained, the couple quarrel frequently. Scientists believe: a long and happy marriage differ from short and unfortunate not by how often quarreling husband and wife, and how they fight and how partners relate to each other in everyday life.

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