Why women like married men?

It is no secret that going to a party, many married men quietly hiding the engagement ring in his pocket, because they believe that marriage or having a girlfriend reduces their attractiveness to other women.

Obviously, naive, they fear manifestations of "women's solidarity". Alas, correctly predict the behavior of women to men is not given.

A recent study conducted in the US revealed that, contrary to popular stereotype in a male environment, many single women are attracted just did not single men, and those who already have a partner.

Clever and beautiful companion for solely by their presence increases the "value" and the value of the partner. In the eyes of a man looking for love ladies arm in arm with a woman looks cheerful, intelligent and sociable, trustworthy, richer and more generous than "exactly the same", but the lone potential bidder to explore.

That is the conclusion reached by the authors of a study published in the journal "Evolutionary Psychology". They interviewed 245 college students, asking them to evaluate the men photographed alone or with companions. How to tell the co-author Randy Profit Leyva (Randi Proffitt Leyva) from Texas Christian University, the impetus for the start of the trial was the perception in female environment the opinion that all the good men have long been "dismantled". As you know, it implies that a man, who is still without a woman, must have some hidden flaw.

Why women like married men?

The researchers found that the opinion is not just a leisurely fiction, but actually existing stereotype affects the gender relations, selection and evaluation of the partner.

If a man is not alone, it means that he has good qualities that someone has already managed to see and appreciate. Woman in search of a partner, so "copy" a selection of other women, sensing the presence of a companion as the presence of a signal in a man of potential advantages.

Randy Leyva believes the study clearly shows that romantic love and marriage decisions made by women, although look spontaneous, in fact heavily influenced by social stereotypes. Physical attractiveness, social status and the potential ability of the men to the financial security of the family is largely supplemented by the perception of these qualities - both own and exhibited by someone else.

According to Leyva, found during research trends - only the visible part of the iceberg. The phenomenon of copying choosing a partner, scientists have not yet found, and did not appreciate the specific processes that lead to the formation of such an effect.

In addition, researchers are interested in how different copy value choice in the search for partners for short-term and long-term relationships.

Why women like married men?

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